Pouls Reining Horses

Jurgen and Wendy own and operate the training stable ‘Pouls Reining Horses’ on Reining Center Meertenhof. Jurgen is a successful trainer and rider at international level. He loves to train horses and prepare them for the shows and enjoys training young horses. Jurgen performs consistently at the international shows while keeping these horses mentally and physically fit. This is an important part of his training program. The horses at Reining Center Meertenhof are treated as top-athletes; they are turned out daily in the paddocks & pastures. They are trained in a large 35 x 70 arena with perfect footing to prepare for the larger competitions.

They always say, ‘behind every successful man is a powerful woman’ and Wendy is the hidden force behind ‘Pouls Reining Horses’. She ensures that the horses are groomed daily and are in perfect health.

Jurgen enjoys coaching youth and non pro riders at home and at competitions. He believes the youth of today are the future reiners of tomorrow! Jurgen has a thriving lesson operation at Reining Center Meertenhof, and gives clinics at various locations in throughout Europe.

Do you want to know more about Jurgen’s programs? Feel free to contact Jurgen or Wendy.